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*Chemical Health Assessment: This is the first step in the treatment process. The chemical health assessment is used to determine which programming tracks would benefit the client and what type of programming is most beneficial. Every client must complete an assessment prior to entering into a chemical dependency treatment program.

*Men’s and Women’s Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment: Our outpatient program is a 60 hour primary program designed to correct negative thought processes and behaviors through cognitive behavioral therapy. This is done through both group therapy sessions and individual sessions.

*Aftercare: Our aftercare program allows our counseling staff to monitor each client once primary care has been completed. We provide a 24 hour continuum of care program to each client and is part of the treatment process.

*Relapse Prevention: Our relapse prevention education programs are provided to clients who experience substantial relapse issues after completing a primary care program. These programs are offered at levels that vary from 24 hours to 48 hours depending on the type and severity of the relapse issue. Upon completion of a relapse program the client is then re-evaluated to determine if further treatment is needed.

*Drug and Alcohol Awareness Education: This program is offered to those who have experienced a substance related problem either privately or legally, typically for the first time. These programs are offered at three levels of care. Level I is an 8 hour education program that offered basic training on the effects of drugs and alcohol. Level II is a 16 hour program that offers a more intensive training on not only the effects of drugs and alcohol but the consequences both physically and legally that the abuse of these substances can cause. Level III is offered for those that have experienced a substantial consequence of substance abuse. This program provides 24 hours of intensive education regarding the abuse of drugs and alcohol including effects on the brain, organs, muscle tissues, and nervous system, education on overdose, and the effects on family, friends, employment and community.

*DWI First Time Offender Education: Moving Forward offers one of the most comprehensive DWI education programs in the state. Our Department of Public Safety certified program is registered with the Minnesota DPS as DWI clinic #110A and is one of only two DPS clinics in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

*Level I First Time Offender Program: This 8 hour program is split into two 4 hour sessions. This program is offered to first time offenders who have had no prior DWI involvement or previous history with legal issues related to drug and/or alcohol abuse. Offenders who qualify for this program are typically first time offenders with a B.A.C. at arrest at or below the state mandated .08 limit with no aggravating factors.

*Driving With Care®: Moving Forward offers all levels of the Driving With Care program authored by Kenneth Wanberg, Harvey Milkman, and David Timken. This nationally recognized program offers a cognitive approach to DWI education and prevention.

*Level I: Driving With Care®: Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving Safety Education. Strategies for Responsible Living and Change. This program is offered for the impaired driving offender who has experienced minimal legal involvement regarding alcohol or drug abuse including driving while under the influence. Typically, this level of care is provided to a first time offender with a B.A.C. above .08 and under .16 with no previous DWI involvement and no aggravating factors. This program is 6 weeks in length and totals 12 hours of classroom time to complete.

*Level II: Driving With Care®: Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving Safety Education. Strategies for Responsible Living and Change. This program is offered to those who have experienced some previous legal issues with drug and alcohol abuse including previous DWI offense. Typically, this level of care is provided to an individual with a previous DWI offense, a first time offense with a B.A.C. at or above .16, a first time offense with aggravating factors, or history of drug and/or alcohol related issues. This program is 12 weeks in length and totals 24 hours of class time to complete.

*Level II Therapy: Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Impaired Driving Offender Treatment. This level of care is offered to those that have experienced a substantial history of DWI offense and/or drug and alcohol related issues including previous treatment program participation. This program is offered in several levels and tracks and can total up to 13 months to complete depending on the severity of the offense and history of use. Tracks for programming at this level are determined at assessment.

*Transportation: Moving Forward offers each client enrolled into our program free transportation to and from our facility. This service is only offered to those clients who have lost their driving privileges in the state of Minnesota and live within the our transportation area. Our transportation vehicles are commercially insured and routinely inspected and serviced to ensure that all of our clients are safe at all times while being transported.

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Our address is 8445 Center Drive, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432

Treatment Services Offered

Our facility offers the most complete and comprehensive addiction counseling, therapy and education programming available under one roof. We strive to meet all of our clients’ needs. Our commitment to quality care is provided through these services:

  • Chemical Health Assessments
  • Primary Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Relapse Prevention Programming
  • Continuum of Care
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness Education
  • DPS Certified DWI Education

We offer Free transportation to Moving Forward Assessment Services clientele.

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